Product Fulfillment

Our services have transformed into a vertical integration allowing for WEP to produce your products and get them into the consumer’s hands. We can be integrated into your online store within hours and start fulfilling orders right away while you track everything from your computer or mobile device.

  • Improve Your Process
  • Same-Day Shipping
  • Unlimited SKU & Order Limits
  • Custom Automation
  • Insightful Reporting

Your Brand. Your Rules.

WEP Fulfillment is set up to be customized according to any special order requests, additional branding services, and more. Your brand is our number one concern so we are always here to uphold your reputation.

API Integration

Connect your website seamlessly to our fulfillment software.


Mobile Friendly

View your orders, reports, and more from our responsive software layout.


Customer Service

We are on standby for any and all order/ shipping modifications, etc.

Logistics & Efficiency

Ship orders based on weight, location, priority, and many more filters to align with your services. We can also set up custom notifications and automations based on inventory levels.

Order Fulfillment

Have your orders filled properly and on time without having to lift a finger.


Inventory Management

Know your exact stock status and when to reorder.


Optimized Shipping

Our software chooses the best shipping option for price & transit time.