International Product Sourcing

Have your own international team with dedicated employees that find the best factories, most competitive prices, and highest product quality…without needing to open an office or manage a team!

When you’re looking to bring a custom product/s to market, WEP will handle everything in between to eliminate the coordination and maintain quality while you focus on growing your brand. Bringing transparency and predictability to the manufacturing process is a cornerstone of the WEP experience. Then talk to us about how we can help get those products to your customers.

The WEP Difference

WEP employs offshore personnel to keep an eye in the factories throughout the production process and mandates factory audits to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting.


Quality Superiority

WEP dedicates a quality control team to look over production, maintain consistency, and provide solutions to problems that may arise. We assure that you are getting nothing less than expected.


Managing Operations

WEP handles all of the logistics from the start of planning all the way to bringing your goods into the final destination.


Sourcing products overseas to your required specifications at a lower cost and higher volume.


Freight Broker

Duties, customs clearance, and logistics handled for your convenience.


Supply Chain Optimization

Use our experience and software to minimize operational, transportation, and distribution costs.


Product Safety & Quality

WEP has a team dedicated to Risk & Compliance to make certain all products are in alignment with all applicable regulations. Having a presence in each factory allows us to adjust in real time to maintain product consistency. Your brand reputation is a top priority in regards to safe and quality products.

Quality Control

Our eyes are in the factory to maintain consistency and uphold high quality results.


Factory Audits

Documentation to ensure your product is within compliance.



We can source materials that are biodegradable to stay in line with any important concerns of our clients and corporate agendas.